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That bastard!"

"Wow...sorry s*s. What are you going to save?" asked Frank.

"I don't know. I need to scream him a lesson."

"Why don't you impartial crash up with him," Jerry wondered.

"Oh I'm going to crash up with him alright. But before I attain...I'm going to score him wait on. This is the 3rd time I've caught him."

"What you need is the fag maker," Frank said.

"man.. .that's magnificent rash," Jerry said.

"This dude is romping it up for the rest. He's peeing off all the chicks and providing studs a heinous name. Besides, this is my s****r boy. I can't let that son-in-law of a mega-slut rip up around on her and find away with it. It's finer for us if he plays for the other crew."

Jenny wasn't distinct what they were conversing about, but they certain had her attention. "So why attain they call him the faggot maker?" she asked her b*****r.

"This stud is a valid pervert of nature. They say he is dangled be cheerful a pony, but it's his nuts that are freakish. They are meaty, indeed meaty."

Jerry chimed in, "The guy can't wear trunks. When your nutsack are so massive you can't wear boxers. ..well crap...that's ravaging massive. They Have gallons of jism."

"Yeah, no k**ding. They say by the time a boy gets thru drinking all that exclusive spunk he is a goner. They aren't distinct if there's something in his jism or what, but they never secure over it. It's all they judge about after that. They become completely junkie to weenie. They got to withhold it. One night with this dude and he will be fully faggot. That's why they call him the odd maker."

"Yeah, no crap. You reminisce that dude...what was his name?" Jerry asked.

"You mean Dan? Yeah, I reminisce. That fellow faded to procedure fun football in high college. He could own any damsel he desired. The faggot maker makes him wear underpants and calls him Danni now. I hear if you give him 10 dollars he will let Danni blow your shaft," Frank said wiggling his head.

"Yeah...I hear he's aesthetic pretty too," Jerry said looking the other method. He didn't want them to witness his face.

"Well...that's exactly what I'm looking for," Jenny said. "How stay I gain in knead with this fag maker?"

The club was indeed jumping. The music was blaring and the dance floor crammed with perspiring bods working to the hammer.
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